Olitz Is The Endgame

I’m legit curious. I don’t want an argument (necessarily), I just want to see what y’all see. What do people see in Jake, because I don’t see a DAMN thing. Why do OJ fans exist, and why do they hate Fitz. Sure he’s single and the POTUS is not, but it must be something deeper. Right? Am I tripping or are y’all? Help! I want to know what y’all see in pussy lip Jacob.


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    Forget Team Olake and Olitz. I am #TeamOlivia.
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    Well, since you asked so nicely. Jake was the nice kind of guy I figured Olivia needed before it was revealed he was...
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    "Pussy lip Jacob"
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    Olitz is endgame, but I can be objective about Liv dating. I don’t really care to see Jake with Olivia, they had nice...
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    What’s Olake?! Olitz all day!
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    And if everyone sticks to boycotting live to see the ratings drop. This mess will be gone. You have to take action to be...
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    I’m with you Mia. Olitz All Day Olake fans sorry about as delusional as Mellie.
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    I second the rebuke. Olitz fa the rest of my lizife
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    i am olitz shipper all day long
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    Scott Foley is attractive but he’s totally lacking in sex appeal. And I don’t consider him to be a strong dramatic...
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    Attractiveness is subjective and, as such, is different for every individual, and these two male actors are dissimilar...
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    Shonda loves Scott, I get it.. but he and his storyline didn’t do the show any favors. I know I can’t stomach an Olake...
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    Well SF’s ass needs to “act” like Jake is enjoying it and make it look real if he wants to stay on the show. Damn, there...
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